Date : 2020-06-26

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A Show For Every Mood:

One of the reasons why CBS all access is so popular is that it has a TV series of every genre there is. Aside from hosting shows, CBS all access promo codes gives you access to more than 15,000 episodes of exclusive shows and choosing where to start might be challenging for some.


Here are our top-favourite shows available on CBS all access which you can binge on lock-down:


Young sheldon:

Are you a Bigbang Theory fan who can’t get enough of Sheldon ? This spin-off prequel to the famous show is just the right fit for you! The show follows a nine-year old Sheldon Cooper beginning high-school and foresees the challenges he faces in growing up in a religious and conservative East Texas. What’s funnier is seeing his family and friends attempt to deal with his unique intellectual capabilities be it Missy’s quirky adventures or Meemaw’s patience with Sheldon. With CBS all access coupon code, you can get a free trial and start watching the show  with your family today! You won’t regret it as it’s bound to leave you all in fits of laughter.


The Twillight Zone:

A bone-chilling reboot of the classic 1900’s series, this show brings you science fiction, horror and mystery all-in-one package! Explore the strangeness of the new world as people try to solve their problems using their genius. If you love thrillers ,this one will leave you at the edge of your seats. Stream the two seasons only on CBS all access with utter coupons promo codes to get a favourable discount. 


The Good Fight:

A spin-off and sequel to the popular show “The Good Wife”, this is CBS all access’s first original scripted series and is a hidden gem on the site. It follows the story of Diane Lockhart, a lawyer, who loses her entire life savings in a scam and is forced to start afresh. With ratings over 97% on Rotten tomatoes, this TV show has new storytelling styles, a wider narrative scope and a chance for its lead to explore new territory with a relatable human struggle. Using our coupon code for CBS all access, you can watch this show for one Free Month!


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