Date : 2020-06-30

Ready to quit porn and bad habits today? Covenant Eyes is here to help. With the best accountability software out there, you can now set goals, monitor and educate yourself to unleash your inner hero.


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What’s Covenant eyes?

It’s a device filtering and monitoring (accountability) service that has over 590,000 subscribers.Designed to filter and monitor across several devices, Covenant Eyes excels in protecting your family from the adverse effects of pornography and violent content on the web. With Covenant Eyes coupon codes, this screen accountability becomes the most affordable and effective choice for you currently.


What Ages are suitable for Covenant Eyes?

Covenant eyes works for everyone; from self-monitoring middle school students to adults and spouses seeking help from their impossible addictions. With over a thousand success stories, Covenant eyes has helped every age group to break the cycle of porn.


Which browsers work for Covenant eyes?

Covenant Eyes supports the following platforms:

  • On Windows and Mac computers, Covenant Eyes  monitors all of the web content accessed by the device including browsers like Chrome or Safari, as well as iTunes and desktop programs like TweetDeck.
  • On Android™ phones and tablets, top-level domains accessed across the entire device are monitored.
  • Covenant eyes works across every domain accessed on iPhones® and iPads®.

Can you delete activity on Covenant Eyes?

Unlike your computer’s browsing history, this activity cannot be erased. All browsing activity is preserved on the Covenant Eyes servers for 30 days.

Can Covenant Eyes see incognito?

Covenant Eyes is not turned off when Private Browsing is enabled. The program is able to see internet activity within incognito mode ( or as it calls it porn mode) although some details may be lost.

What can Covenant Eyes do?

Covenant Eyes provides a path to open up space for difficult conversations and a way in order to combat internet addictions.The technology provides the structure for your internet accountability and filtering, but that accountability is tied to someone you love and admire who monitors and keeps you in check.

What if you don’t have an ally?

Even without any partner to monitor you, Covenant eyes has a hands-on support system to keep you  going. It sends regular reports to you so you can see your improvement and even screenshots any circumvention attempts and blocked URLS which helps you track your own progress. This way Covenant eyes teaches you self-control and responsibility of your actions.

How to Save more with Covenant Eyes?

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