Date : 2020-07-10

Stuck in isolation with kids? Books2Door Discount code gives you a golden opportunity to entertain and educate them with exciting deals on books for all genres, age groups and authors!

Starting at such an overwhelming collection might be challenging for some hence we are here to help. Did you know that your child develops different reading skills at every stage of growing up? Books2Door Promo Code  lets you make the best of them by scientifically-chosen books for every age group. 

Here are some of our top-picks for every age:

Age 0-5:

Books2Door  helps new parents read-along and bond with  their precious little ones. Reading daily in infancy helps your little ones with language acquisition and literacy skills as reading to your children in the earliest months stimulates the part of the brain that allows them to understand the meaning of language and helps build key literacy and social skills. 


By using the Books2Door voucher code, you can shop with confidence with our library of kid’s books at bargain prices and find acclaimed books written just for the cognitive development of your infants.


Top-Pick: Our top choice would be the “Ten little bookworms” which will set your kids down a path of reading. Have your little ones join the little bookworms to find out why befriending books is the best thing they can do! This is an award-winning series praised by the Evening Standard “Once you’ve read one, you’ll want to pick up the entire series.”


Age 5-7:

As your child’s vocabulary grows larger, the more they will want to know and understand about the world. Books2Door has a wide selection for kids in this group to assist their cognitive development and perception: from educating Math and English study books to build on school skills to illustrative series like the Alfie Deyes “The pointless Books collection”which are available at discount rate with this Books2Door voucher code.


Top-Pick: Dinosaur Adventures

This 10 Books Set is bound to be the right fit for your child at this inquisitive stage. With 10 fully illustrated books, vibrant pages and puzzles, this is a comprehensive collection filled with fun facts on dinosaurs and engaging activities. You can copy the Books2Door discount code while buying this to get free shipping and 75% off.


Age 7-9:

This stage is when your kids are in the midst of developing an insatiable thirst of more books. Don't worry, Books2Door has you covered! With the Sherlock Holmes collection to the paperback Percy Jackson collection, these eager bookworms will always have something to keep them occupied this lock-down.


Top-pick: A best seller for most girls this age is the “My Secret Unicorn '' collection and with our Books2Door promo code, you can get 80% off on this selected collection now! Have a little Frozen fanatic? Fuel her passion by buying the Disney Frozen Annual 2020 which will not only be a fun read but also a useful one -think baking recipes and coloring pages!


Age 9-14:

At this stage, your children are exploring and venturing into new territories, be it facing adolescent changes or developing a taste for horror. Books2Door has the right collections of books to satisfy them. From “Horrible histories blood curdling” collection for those in search for a thriller to David Williams paperback collection of humor for a hilarious read, Books2Door has got it all.


Top Pick: “What’s Happening to me?”

This series for both young boys and girls has proven to be a best-seller in introducing the world of puberty to them. With bright, original colour illustrations and diagrams, the book helps to demystify this often confusing and tricky subject while educating them on what they need to know about the changes they will experience as they approach puberty. 

With utter coupons, you get a bargain of 38% on the book and can buy it at the drastically low price of $6.19 plus by further using our Books2Door voucher code, you can get 75% off! You would definitely not regret buying this one.


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