Date : 2020-07-15

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What is CBS All Access?


CBS all access is a renowned American video streaming service. Since 2014, CBS all access has aired many live shows and series for every age group and preference. Its mission is to provide a platform for people across the world to view their favorite show at their own pace and from the comfort of their home.It offers original content, content newly aired on CBS's broadcast properties, and content from CBS's library. With its top-notch streaming services and discounted show merchandise, it has garnered over 4 million subscribers.


Why choose CBS All Access?


While there are a number of free websites where you can stream movies and tv shows for free, not everything you access on the web is legal or safe. Did you know that unauthorized streams and torrents can come with a host of dangers from your device being corrupted by malware to facing the legal consequences for breach of copyright.


CBS All Access is the best authorized streaming platform for you. With the latest catalog of shows and movies, CBS All Access aims to keep you updated on news as well as entertainment.From vintage cinema to recent episodes of today’s hottest shows, you gain access to over 15,000 episodes of exclusive shows available nowhere else on the web. It offers you guarantee of providing legal content and protecting your devices from malware.


Better yet, unlike other streaming services, CBS All Access offers value packages and deals for its members. By using CBS All Access coupons, you get discounts over 25% on subscription plans and merchandise.


Here is quick guide on how to get started with CBS All Access:


What does CBS All Access subscription plans include?

With CBS All Access subscription plans, get premium access to over 15,000 episodes from current to complete past seasons of shows such as NCIS and Young Sheldon. You also have access to 150 full-length movies without any commercial interruptions. For a family viewing, you can watch exclusive original series and kid’s programming available nowhere else. Use CBS all access promo codes, you get access to 4 channels of live TV, including your local CBS channel for an incredibly low price.


Which browsers are supported by CBS all access


Unlike most other streaming services, CBS All Access is compatible with a wide range of browsers. For optimal streaming on desktop, you can view on latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (Flash player not supported). For mobile browsers, iOS 11+, Safari and Android 5+, Chrome are recommended.


What subscription plan should I use? 


Before opting for CBS All Access, decide the plan which works best for you. There are two subscription plans to choose from- the Limited Commercials Plan and The Commercial Free plan. With Limited Commercials Plan you enjoy access to on-demand shows with commercials interruptions for $5.99 per month and applicable state taxes while with Commercial Free Plan, you avail premium viewing of all shows without any commercial interruptions for only $9.99 monthly.


How can I save on the Monthly Subscription plan? 

If you wish to save 15% off the monthly subscription price, sign up for an annual plan for both subscription plans. To enroll, click here and for new subscribers, click on “ Try it Free”. Or better yet, use our latest CBS All Access  promo codes for saving up each month on your monthly plans.


How do I watch Live TV? 

To stream your local CBS station, you can sign in with your TV provider at or on the CBS mobile app. You must have an active subscription to a TV provider and can watch live tv for free! To start live streaming of your favorite daytime and nighttime shows, sign up with this CBS All Access coupon to get the first month free.


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