Date : 2020-07-30

Secure web access today with TS Plus Promo codes. Find discounts on more than 1000 remote-access services including web security, universal printer, administration tools, application publishing and much more at the lowest prices online and hassle-free with TS Plus promo codes.


Why do you need Remote Access?


While office security is simple (locking doors secures your data against theft), moving   businesses from corporate offices to home environments can be tricky. Introducing Remote Access, which lets remote users access files and other system resources on any devices or servers that are connected to the network at any time, increasing employee productivity and enabling them to better collaborate with colleagues around the world.


In today’s world when all businesses are moving to the web to maintain productivity during the pandemic, remote access strategy is the best solution to increase flexibility in work from home scenarios as well as hire people from across the globe.


How to Gain Remote Access?


This is where TSPlus comes in. We provide options to organizations who need their staff to work remotely from home and enable them to secure PCs in remote workplaces. 


TSPlus is a great option if you are seeking a quick solution to this dilemma. It is easy to use and a cost-effective Remote Desktop software. With the TSPlus coupon, organizations looking to allow an entire workforce to access corporate resources from home can save up to 75% on TSPlus mobile web edition.


With its built-in HTTPS web server, this software allows you to publish all your required professional apps on a secure web portal which works with your desired web browser. This way remote workers can work from their tablets, mobile phones and laptops without the risk of compromising data integrity.

Our prices are the most competitive and affordable ones in the market at the moment so head over to the site of TS Plus and gain an exclusive discount on Remote Access plans from TS Plus coupons.


Extra Protection:


Along with end-to-end encryption and web credentials, TSPlus has recently developed “TSPlus 2FA”. This companion tool adds an extra layer of protection with a 2-step verification process- a personal password and a one-time PIN code from an authenticated device.


We ensure connections to corporate networks are fully secured this way and without these two pieces of information, a web portal remote session cannot be accessed. Visit the store to discover the full range of advanced solutions to cater to your security issues and get a special discount with TSPlus coupons.


How to Use Promo Codes on TS Plus?


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