Date : 2020-08-11


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An escape into the imaginative world is what every child craves and Books2Door has the right arsenal of fiction books to satisfy their thirst for fantasy. Among the many fiction books for young adult, we have rounded up the top-selling ones for you:

  1. The Maze Runner Series:

This series consists of five paperback books written by the acclaimed author James Dashner and is now a famous movie adaptation. The dystopian world of the novel is not too different from the present pandemic crisis and we trust the series would be an interesting and curious read for you in these challenging times. Embark on a thrilling adventure with the protagonist Thomas who enters the Glade ( a massive area surrounded by high concrete walls with a ginormous maze puzzle) shocked and confused. As he explores the chilling maze and its realities, you are bound to get immersed in the story with total abandonment. 


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  1. The Selection series:

Tired of sitting at home? This dreamy five-book series is sure to get you in all sorts of feels even as you sit on your couch all day. Experience the life of royalty with the seventeen year old America Singer who gets chosen for The Selection, a reality TV lottery where the selected few compete for the love of the dashing and charming Prince Maxon's attention. 


What starts out as a silly idea turns into a fierce and passionate competition as we see every candidate push themselves to their limits for the grand prize - the chance to be Prince Maxon’s bride and the future queen. The most beautiful concept in the entire series was the intricate way the author Keira Cass fleshes out her characters and though at first it seems a cliche novel, trust us it is far from that. 

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While some may love to dwell in the world of fiction, others prefer the more serious non-fiction reads and we have ample books from various authors to indulge them. The advantages of Non-Fiction books are that it focuses more intellectually, logically and analytically. Thus, improving your skills to better prepare you for your studies, career and life skills. 

Matt Haig's Collection:

If you are looking for a good non-fiction read, we suggest Matt Haig’s three books set which consist of “The Radleys”, a life of teenager girl living in self-denial and anxiety due to a traumatic incident, “The Humans” which starts from a professor walking naked on the streets on a wet Friday night and gets more bizarre and “Reasons to Stay Alive”, a memoir on how to live life to the fullest.

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