Date : 2021-09-07

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Use Keto Natural Pets Foods Coupons to get Ketona, the world's first fully reduced feed that lets you to feed your pet the way it was meant to be fed.


"Ketogenic diets are effective metabolic tools that assist your body in switching from sugar (carbs) to fat burning. The transition in fuel has resulted in improvements in a variety of health issues

Dogs eat a 1:1 ratio of healthy fats to high-quality protein on an upkeep or nutritious Diet plan. Use Keto Natural Pet Foods for your dogs Because dogs are carnivores with 99.9% genetic similarity to wolves, a raw meat, organs, and bone diet is the most species-appropriate supper for them.


Dogs produce energy from fat-derived ketone bodies (source) rather than glucose from sugar and carbohydrates when they are in ketosis (as found in kibble). When dogs have a relatively high ketone production (0.2-8 mM) and a moderately low glucose production (75 mg/dL), nutritional ketosis is conceivable (source). Apply Keto Natural Pet Foods Coupons on your cart to get discount upto 30%

  1. Dogs that are in Ketosis (fat burning) rather than Glycolysis (glucose conversion) are able to thrive rather than just survive on biologically incorrect processed carbs.

Melanoma AND Special Diet

A Low carb high fat diet has been utilised as a therapy to reverse various disorders in humans, including cancer and other mitochondrial ailments (source).

As a result, a Low fat diet may be beneficial not only for assisting dogs in living better lives, but also for assisting dogs suffering from various illnesses in regaining critical nutrients. According to holistic veterinarians' research, dogs may live properly and flourish on a Ketogenic Raw Food Diet. Use Keto Natural Pet Foods for a Natural Selection meant.

  1. They choose to create KETO APPROVED dog chow because they are passionate about it.


They seek to teach people about the Ketogenic raw dog diet and empower pet parents to make the switch because we believe it is the most metabolically appropriate food option for dogs by using Keto Natural Pet Foods Coupons.

We want to see fewer dogs suffer from health problems exacerbated by inadequate diet and a lack of knowledge about good canine care.

There's no denying that dogs are important members of our families. It is our responsibility to make educated choices about what we put in their bowls.

That's why B&C is here to assist consumers in making informed selections by sharing scientific nutritional information, promoting a raw feeder community, and researching those vexing concerns about dog nutrition.

  1. They must do what is right for the sake of the dog, so apply Keto Natural Pet Foods Coupons for your dog’s diet


Carbohydrates are not required by dogs biologically.

Whenever dogs eat pellets or high-carbohydrate diet, their bodies work hard to adjust for being fed food that is not suited for their species.

Diabetes, cancer, and obesity are all disorders that can be exacerbated by stress.

Is from the other hand, when dogs' dietary demands are met (and met effectively), they are less likely to develop oxidative acidosis and systemic inflammation, two factors connected to disease (source).

The point is that when dogs eat real, fresh food that closely resembles how much they would eat in nature, they are best positioned to live longer, Use Keto Natural Pet Foods Coupons for their healthier lifestyles.

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