Date : 2021-10-06

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Let's talk about Uniplaces

Uniplaces is the quickest-growing online platform for short- and long-term lodging. We've already booked over 7 million nights since our inception in 2013, and we already have 90.000 certified places including over 30 European locations. You can use this UniPlaces Discount Coupon on your desire distination place to book.  Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Milan, Florence, and Bologna are currently our major cities.

I'm not really a student, so should I use Uniplaces?

Uniplaces can be used by anyone! Any students, interns, young professionals, digital nomads, and general travellers are allowed.

Nevertheless, a few of our locations, such as student dormitories, are only available to students, so always double-check the information in each offering before making a reservation. Also, student can get discount upto 50% by using UniPlaces Discount Coupon

Since you're not a student and are unsure who among our locations is reserved for students, please contact us. Please include the listing reference so that we can quickly identify the location and provide you with the appropriate response. This reference can be seen at the conclusion of a listing's URL under and around the title.

What are the terms and conditions for Uniplaces?

Uniplaces is a website that allows students to book rooms online. As a result, it offers bookings to both users and avail discount by apply UniPlaces Discount Coupon (Who are looking for a place to stay) and landlords (who are looking for a place to rent) (who wish to rent their accommodation to users). Please keep in mind that Uniplaces is an internet marketplace, not a company that lets or rents out rooms directly to the customer.

If you are a consumer, you have a 14-day cooling-off period after agreeing to these terms of business to cancel your relationship with Uniplaces to accept such booking (please see clause 7 here for further details of these rights).

Yet, including using our facilities to book accommodations by using UniPlaces Discount Coupon during these 14 days, you are demanding our services and, as a consequence, you will lose your right to cancel under consumer law once the booking is made (please see clause 7 here). You will still be able to exercise your contractual cancellation rights, which are outlined in clause 11.

Furthermore, if you want to use our assistance to book lodging, you will almost certainly be obliged to produce a first payment each month to your landlord via Uniplaces (as described in our Terms and Conditions) (who will receive it on behalf of the landlord and then send it onto them) can use UniPlaces Discount Coupon. First this rental payment is made to your landlord and is only refundable in accordance with your contractual cancellation rights.


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