Date : 2021-11-10

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Let’s talk about outdoor decor

Nothing worse than an outdoor living space decked out in glistening, multicoloured holiday lights to herald the arrival of the holidays. Use Easy Treezy Coupons & get these pop up lights that gives you  vivid flashes of colour provide a sense of enthusiasm and brilliance to your décor, whether it's Halloween, Christmas, or some other happy day of celebration. With Christmas lights being such a popular choice for everyone, it's simple to get bound up in the various types: LED, icicles, and so on. That's why we've compiled this list of helpful hints to, well, brighten up:

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What about all the varied sizes of Christmas light bulbs?


Whereas the popular tiny bulbs are a good choice, you might prefer the brilliance and flair of other shapes and sizes. Here's a summary of the most popular designs:


Lite: The much more common style, these little, candle-like bulbs may be found in most stores. They're usually around 5/8 of an inches tall and 1/4 inch long. Available online & avail 25% OFF by using Easy Treezy Coupons

C6: These lights have the shape of a little strawberry and were traditionally used to decorate Christmas trees. They are approximately 1 1/8 inch tall and 3/4 inch in diameter. Available online & avail 25% OFF by using Easy Treezy Coupons

C7: The C7 shape is slightly larger and rounder than the C6, being around 1 1/2 inches tall and 1 inch wide.

C9: The C9 is a fantastic choice for street lights, standing around 2 1/2 inches tall and 1 1/4 inches in diameter.

G series: These one-of-a-kind bulbs are shaped like circular globes. Divide the number after the "G" by 8 and round results to the nearest integer to show the extent. Available online & avail 25% OFF by using Easy Treezy Coupons


When it comes to holiday lights, what's the difference between incandescent and LED?

Unless you're contemplating whether to buy incandescent or LED Christmas lights, you must know that LED is a far better option in every way except pricing. While fluorescent lamps are less expensive, LED bulbs are more thermally efficient, with many reaching Energy Star criteria. Available online by using Easy Treezy Coupons, They also last two to 3 times longer and have more bulbs per string for maximum brightness.

How can I turn my outside Christmas lights or Halloween lights into a winter wonderland?

It's usually best to plan out and measure your lighting strategy before you start hanging your decorations, no matter how basic or intricate it is. Before you begin, keep the following suggestions in mind:

Even though Christmas light strings are designed to be connected, never connect more than three strings at a time and only connect light strings of the same length. It's advisable not to mix and match lengths because they're rated for different element in conducting.

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Use only bulbs and light strings that have been certified for outdoor use. They've been particularly engineered to withstand the elements!


Commence designing in the evening because you can see your work in detail and make adjustments if necessary. Remember to take a look at your work from the street to see how it will appear to passers-by.

Evergreen shrubs, trees, mailboxes, and light posts are all excellent places to incorporate lighting into your design in a range of sale, you can apply Easy Treezy Coupons to get these amazing lights For bushes, illuminated nets work well, and trees and posts can be wrapped in a candy cane spiral. On evergreen trees, larger blooms look fantastic.


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